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Blessed Surface key free

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About Blessed Surface cd key free

Blessed Surface is an open-world, mixing the depth of its complex, detailed areas, with fun, fast-paced, arcadey gameplay. Casual exploration with a skill-rewarding, easy to learn combat system make up the core of the game.

▬ In combat, landing your strike cancels your attack animation, allowing you to attack again, immediately. Various degrees of knockback ensure that continuously landing hits will require constant positioning. You can equip two weapons with two attacks each. It offers a wide range of builds with diverse movesets. Youll need to find weapons that combo well together, and can adapt to any situation.

▬ Variety in combat styles is also encouraged by collecting armor, guns, temporary weapons, and perks. Youll always have your basic equipment, of course, which can be swapped out if you find something you like better.

▬ Collect ammo that drops from defeated creatures, and use your gunner mode on any annoying or hard to reach enemies.


Events, both random and based on the real-time clock, ensure that youll always see something different each play session, from different creatures emerging at certain hours, to daily bosses, to flowers changing color throughout the year.

▬ Theres also an in-game ecosystem. Every monster you kill makes an impact on the population. Monsters breed and lay eggs. They multiply with the passing of every real-time day. They have favorite foods, and fight each other. Its a living world.

▬ Lore and writing fleshes out a fairy tale-esque world, telling you fantastical stories about its unusual inhabitants through various sources, including item descriptions and an in-depth NPC dialogue system.

And perhaps, if you are determined, you might just find the Blessed Surface...

  • A seamless open world

  • Large population of unique enemies and bosses

  • Skill-based combat system, with different weapons, armor, guns, and perks for variety

  • Functioning ecosystem allowing for creature population control, invasive species, and other innovative mechanics

  • Random and timed events

  • Keyword-based dialogue system, hiding many secrets if you know what to ask, allowing players to take conversation at their own pace

  • Deep lore and stories to discover

  • Basic two-player online multiplayer; players are synchronized, enemies from another players world are not (easily join via Steam, no port forwarding or setup required)
Why open-world, rather than a Metroidvania?
There are a few subtle differences, in both level design, and the way content is structured. Metroidvanias are usually based on going from place to place to find new things and unlock new areas, whereas this game contains a lot more dynamic systems to give you a unique and fresh experience no matter where in the map you are!

For making it to the end, you have been blessed by the Biter of good fortune.

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 100 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Made in Gamemaker Studio 2
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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