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Rage Quest: The Worst Game steam key free

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About Rage Quest: The Worst Game free steam key

You know I cant stay, he said softly. And you cant go. The house wouldnt be the same without you. She didnt speak. She couldnt find the words to respond. She just watched his figure grow smaller, and smaller until it was gone. Thats how I would end a romance novel about a congresswoman and a snowman if I were to write one, but I didnt. Instead I made Rage Quest: The Worst Game! A snarky, low-def odyssey through the trials and frustrations that unite gamers everywhere.

Youll play as Ivy, a daring and cynical adventurer, as you spend 3-4 hours traversing a modestly-sized world of cheeky dialogue, terrible puns, and lovingly crafted artisanal frustration. Will your skills and irrational dedication to finish what youve started triumph over the forces of bad camera tracking, long cut scenes and useless allies? What other perils might lie in store for your delicate temper and extra-throwable wireless controller!? Find out for yourself as you explore the game already being called Game-changing, Extraordinary, and Graphically extant by a sentence youve read! Rage Quest! Mean-gift it to your enemies!

Q: Is this a game where Im going to have to do a ton of grinding?
A: No. You can grind for EXP if you want, but it should not be necessary.

Q: Will I become frustrated while playing this game?
A: Count on it.

Q: Am I going to see the jokes about how NPCs always say the same thing and heroes steal from peoples houses yet again?
A: No. Rage Quest is mostly a satire of bad/frustrating game mechanics and game design. Not necessarily of RPG tropes.

Q: Have any of these questions actually been "asked frequently"?
A: No. Thats not how anybody writes these things anymore.

Q: So theres really no clear limitation on what can be asked here then?
A: Dont get carried away.

Q: So what are you wearing?
A: Uh... um... zip-offs and a hoodie.

Q: Zip-offs? Hahahaha, are you kidding me? Hey the 90s called, but just to say hi. They dont want those back.
A: That wasnt even a question! FAQ OVER!

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Win 7 or higher
  • Storage: 230 MB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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