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Zero-G VR steam key free

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About Zero-G VR free steam key

Zero-G VR is specially designed to have the ultimate VR high-speed game simulation. Zero-G VR has been built using the acclaimed engine Unreal 4 to create the next generation VR games, incredible graphics, and dynamic light effects to ensure you have the best gaming experience! In this game, you will play as an astronaut using an Astronaut Maneuvering Unit (AMU), a propulsion unit that allows the astronaut to perform spacewalks at a distance from the shuttle. Using AMU to move in space, you will feel the zero gravity and the weightlessness in this amazing and highly immersive experience. Listen to the astonishing atmosphere-breaking music in the dark space flight, to keep tension during spacewalks, and suddenly switch to the soft music of the safe space station. Everything to engage your perceptions. The game has 2 options: normal and difficult challenge. There are 4 modes of game loop in random combinations: "rescue mode", "chase the shuttle", "black hole", "high-speed mode" A total of 16 levels! Only with wisdom and courage you will be able to complete all the tough tests in space to become a good astronaut! Note: AMU is a jet pack device, with a good flight and control accuracy, it can maintain a precise position of 0.03 meters and 0.009 meters per second speed precision. Key Features: -As an astronaut you will find yourself performing spacewalks at a distance from the shuttle, feeling the state of weightlessness, you can only move by using a jet pack. -You will be in the vastness of space, with no object references or way to determine the speed and distances. -When seeing objects like planets, stars or asteroids, it is difficult to judge their size. -Your eyes can see unreachable objects from light-years distance, there are no limits in Zero-G -Rescue mode: You will start in an Oxygen Station Cabin, your mission is to arrive safely at the Space Shuttle Orbital Docking Cabin -Tracking mode: During a spacewalk out of control, you have to use your propulsion unit, speed, and gravity to arrive at the Space Capsule. -Black hole mode: Under the strongest gravitational force of the universe, the players have to move following the path and avoiding the gravitational force of the black hole. -Rapid mode: Surrounded by an asteroid cloud you have to follow the path, get nitrogen bottles to increase your speed propulsion, and go to the goal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zero-G VR是一款针对VR设备特别设计的模拟竞速游戏。 Zero-G VR是运用国际顶尖开发引擎虚幻4打造的次世代VR游戏,强大的表现力和实时光影效果将太空临场体验推向了极致! 游戏中的动力系统参考了宇航员机动装置(AMU),喷嘴喷出的高压气体推动宇航员的身体朝一定方向移动 使用AMU在太空中飞行,你将感受零重力的宇宙环境下的移动、飞行、漂移等无语伦比的临场体验 想象你听着舒缓的音乐在漆黑的太空中飞行,内心的情绪从开始紧张到进入船舱的那一刻的放松,完全融入到太空世界中。 游戏有2种挑战的选项,分别是:简单挑战、困难挑战 游戏有4种模式的关卡循环,分别是:救援模式、追仓模式、黑洞模式、急速模式共16关! 只有运用智慧与勇气在太空中完成所有严苛考验,才能成为一名优秀宇航员! 注明:AMU是一种喷气背包装置,具有良好的飞行和控制精度,可以保持0.03米的位置精准和0.009米每秒的速度精准 主要特点: -宇航员飞出飞船的密封舱,扔以原有的速度和飞船一起运动,处于失重状态,只能通过喷气背包的反作用力运动 -在旷阔无垠的太空中,没有物体可以做参照物,难以判断速度和远近 -同时对看到的物体,也难以判断它的的大小,会将遥远的星星看成是近在咫尺的小石头 -如果眼前飘着一片小小的锡纸,却可能看作是远在天边的屏障。 -救援模式:在氧气耗尽前找到对接太空舱飞行轨道的位置进行对接,并安全的抵达舱内 -追仓模式:在太空舱失控的情况下,利用加速道具、引力速度、以及精确的轨道对焦,抵达太空舱 -黑洞模式:在强烈的宇宙黑洞引力下,玩家的移动也收到极大影响,需要用宇航服的推进器抵消黑洞引力进入太空舱 -急速模式:在陨石错综复杂的环境中急速前进,寻找路径中散落的氧气瓶延长太空活动时间、氮气瓶增加速推进力

How to get Zero-G VR key free

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 8000 MB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290 equivalent or greater
  • Storage: 5000 MB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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